Royal North Shore Hospital

Water, Earth, Air and Fire

Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) is a public hospital and is part of the Northern Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health. The hospital and its associated health services meet the health needs of four local government areas; Mosman, Willoughby, Lane Cove and North Sydney Councils.

In 2011, RNS Redevelopment commissioned an arts and heritage plan, developed by Health and Arts Research Centre Inc. (HARC) in collaboration with staff, patients, visitors and local communities. HARC has implemented the public art and heritage program for the Community Health Centre, Acute Services Building and is currently implementing the program for the Clinical Services Building

"Water, Earth, Air and Fire"

by Bronwyn Bancroft Glass 2012 Visit Bancroft site Visit Bancrofts Web Site for more of her Art Work

Heritage Wall

Still life photographs of hospital’s heritage collection by Robyn Stacey in collaboration with heritage volunteers commissioned by HARC

Living Heratige Gallery

Gallery for heritage and historic and contemporary exhibitions

Artworks at ward entrances commissioned by HARC

Examples of the photographs of orchids by Bill Dobson rendered in to Laminex Fusion for the ward entrances

Works by artist for children play areas and waiting in emergency.

Works commissioned by HARC for the ASB

Selection of other works from the redevelopment of the ASB Building

Example of works commissioned by HARC for the Radiography Bunkers and the Emergency Unit

Wall vinyl mural Radiography Bunker image kindly supplied by Victor Larobina ©

Images from the radiology bunkers, emergency, family and consulting rooms

Cancer Centre ASB

20 works by Jessica Birk digitised from the original canvas paintings and made in colour anodised aluminium panels installed through the Cancer treatment unit. Two canvas paintings in the waiting reception area

Works by Jessica Birk on canvas

The program was responsible for the development of new projects that respond to staff and patient needs. Current projects include: Public Art for

Switch board room - a windowless room that attends calls 24 hours/ 7 days week. Radiotherapy rooms, at the Cancer Centre Cancer Centre courtyard Living Heritage Artwork and exhibition “Clean Hands Save Lives” with images of the work Digitising and organising the heritage collection including the Nurses’ Archives Mentorship of heritage volunteers (image of Stephany Bayly with the slides or books see in the power point) ANZAC Centenary - War and Health

Exhibition Program Exhibition in the galleries on Level 2, Level 3, level 5 and 6

Stage 2 Building CSB

The CSB building has many works commissioned by HARC

The CSB building has many works commissioned by HARC

Atrium of the CSB Royal North Shore work commissioned by HARC.

Forrest Wall graphic and Mobile Jade Oakley

Birthing Centre Works CSB Commissioned by HARC

Sample of images from the photo competition used for the reverse print acrylic for the birthing rooms art work

In 2020 HARC was commissioned by the ICU to do works for the waiting room and interview rooms on level 6 as part of the refurbishment of the waiting area. The theme being the beach and bush. Where suitable images the local North Shore beaches were used. With the consultations with the staff the final images were reproduced in wall vinyl and installed in the waiting area and the interview consultation rooms and one monitoring office

The main waiting room ICU Level 6 RHSH.