Royal Newcastle Centre/Royal Newcastle Hospital

Royal Newcastle Centre/ Royal Newcastle Hospital 2005

Project developed from planning to completion from 2003 to 2006
The projects included:
  • Collaborative work with designers (architects and interior designers), health planners, and staff.
  • Cataloguing the arts collection of the Royal Newcastle Hospital (RNH),
  • Development of four collections that celebrate the heritage and achievements of the RNH:  architecture, volunteers, maintenance and engineering, nursing and health management.
  • Development of resources through partnerships and sponsorships including $60,000 cash donations.
  • Commissioning of 16 public art works.
  • Development of collection of 100 photographs on sunrises from the Hunter Region in partnership with ABC Radio and local communities.
  • Acquisition of a grand piano for the foyer and development of partnership for an ongoing music program with the Newcastle Music Conservatorium (University of Newcastle).
  • Development of an arts program, Royal on the Move, that supported change (closure of the RNH and moving to the new building).
The Royal Newcastle Hospital was established in 1817 and was closed in 2007. Its closure was a significant loss to the communities of Newcastle, NSW, who fought hard against it.